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Physical Address:
40200 Industrial Park Circle
Georgetown, TX 78626

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 5056
Georgetown, TX  78627

Phone:  512-930-5721
Fax:  512-869-7621

Making SCADA simple for the Water and Waste Water Industry since 1995.

TraC-n-trol Customers

It is TraC-n-trol’s goal to form a long lasting service partnership with all their customers at very competitive rates.  This ensures the customer that their SCADA service provider knows their system and can troubleshoot most problems over the phone.  If not, we provide exemplary emergency service for our customers who experience a catastrophic failure due to lightning or any other cause.

Water utilities who bid projects and take the low bidder will over time have a hodge podge of different technologies that in many cases have a difficult time working together.  And, end up without a reliable service provider that can work on the whole system. 

TraC-n-trol always puts their current customer/partners first, therefore it is sometimes difficult for us to provide service to just anyone.

If you are not a current TraC-n-trol customer/partner and are tired of service issues and service providers who don’t know or understand your system and must make repeated trips to diagnose, then order parts sometimes more than once, we would like to talk with you.

The first step is an initial visit to do a complete site survey of your system.  This entails going to every site and gathering information, specifically geographic coordinates for a radio path study, and pictures of all equipment.

After analysis and discussion, if the utility management wants to move forward, a complete engineering analysis will be conducted.  This includes getting copies of all the programs in the controllers and on the SCADA computer.  There is a fee associated with this step because of the engineering time spent.  But this is the only way for your SCADA service provider to know your system and be able to troubleshoot and maintain it.

To some this seems expensive and unnecessary, but it is the only way to maintain a sophisticated engineered system like a SCADA process.

If  you’re tired of service issues and poor performance of your SCADA system we are here to help make it right and make it work with 100% reliability.