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Making SCADA simple for the Water and Waste Water Industry since 1995.

Cyber Security in SCADA Systems

Cyber Security in SCADA Systems

"Utilities - water, wastewater, gas, oil, electricity, and communications - are critical national infrastructures that rely heavily on industrial networks and automated control systems. Because the disruption of any of the systems associated with these infrastructures could impact our society and our safety, they are listed as critical by Homeland Security Presidential Directive Seven."  Industrial Network Security

TraC-n-trol, as a provider and servicer of SCADA Control Systems for Water and Wastewater plants and systems, takes this threat seriously.  Although, we have not had any of our customers experience an external intruder attack we have had one customer who was using their SCADA computer to surf the internet and got a severe malware infection which shut them down.

With more and more news on cyber security being in the water news and magazines we have intensified our efforts to understand this threat and be prepared to mitigate it if and when it occurs.

If you are concerned, the American Water Works Association has put a lot of effort into informing the industry of the threat and they have developed a tool to assess your plants and system.

To read articles and white papers click here.

To access the tool click here.

Industrial Control Systems -CERT

Another excellent resource to learn more about cyber security for SCADA systems is the Industrial Control Systems Computer Emergency Response Team, a division of CERT.  This organization is dedicated to identifying and mitigating risks to industrial control and SCADA systems. 

Their web site can be accessed through this link: