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Making SCADA simple for the Water and Waste Water Industry since 1995.


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TraC-n-trol, Inc. is a systems integration company specializing in SCADA for water and waste water.  We provide full solutions including electrical, controls, instrumentation, programming and telemetry functions. 




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President, TraC~n~trol

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TraC-n-trol has deployed, serviced, or upgraded over 200 SCADA systems throughout Texas over the last 20 years.  From Texarkana to west of the Pecos, to the Panhandle Plains to the Rio Grande Valley, TraC-n-trol covers the state.   

We form a lasting relationship with most of our customers and continue to maintain their SCADA systems to this day.  Many relationships date back to date of inception.

Today's water and wastewater utilities face greater challenges than any time in history.  Imposing regulations, consumer expectations, growth and development, and aging infrastructures are forcing managers and decision-makers to seek efficient, effective means of resource management. 


"You cannot manage what you cannot measure" is a fundamental truth that brings technology and information management to the forefront of practical solutions.  Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems are the modern backbone of utility resource management.  Effective utility management cannot be achieved without it.  

TraC-n-trol is a leader in the development and deployment of instrumentation, controls and SCADA technology in the State of Texas.  Let us show you how technology can put money back in your budget and time back in your day!

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