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Ensuring Safe Water
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TraC-n-trol's mission is to assist every water and wastewater utility in Texas in their efforts to optimize their operations, and improve the quality of service and health protection to their customers.  TraC-n-trol offers versatile system integration, state-of-the-art technology, unequaled craftsmanship, and extraordinary service.

TraC-n-trol was organized in 1995 with an emphasis on SCADA controls for the water and wastewater industry throughout the State of Texas.

  •     Electrical and SCADA Engineering

  •     Electrical construction - TECL 23330

  •     Plant instrumentation and process control

  •     S.C.A.D.A. (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems

  •     Radio telemetry systems - design and construction

  •     Computerized systems and sub-systems

  •     Custom & OEM control panels - UL 508A Certification NITW.E25833

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